We Bring Customers To Our Clients Through Social Media Marketing.

...With A Breathtaking ROI

Monthly Ad Spent

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Global Ad Maven Studio - A Next-Gen Agency

Global Ad Maven Studio is a new breed of agency that eliminates old-fashioned agency works like Month-long onboarding processes, high start-up fees, and finally; the lack of pace. We’ll spend less than an hour on-boarding you, and then we skip straight to strategizing and delivering results. You’ll be surprised by our efficiency. This is possible because of the Seamless Systems we’ve developed.

So make sure you don't miss out. Plus, you have nothing to lose as you'll get a free consultation call.

What We Do

Done For You

  • We create the strategy
  • We create the campaigns
  • We collect data & optimize
  • We scale to unseen heights
  • We deliver a breathtaking ROI
  • We take care of everything. A-Z
  • You sit back and enjoy bi-weekly sales reports.

Done With You

  • For businesses that need consulting.
  • In conjunction with your team, Ashwin will construct a premium advertising campaign, and instruct you on how to scale and maintain it in the future.
  • In-person workshops last from 2 to 3 days, depending on the individual needs of your company.

Our Services

Google Adwords

We target hyper-qualified traffic to your site and focus on your chosen market segment.

Meta (Facebook) Ads

Gets your business to reach a big crowd among the 2 billion+ users on Facebook

Linkedin Ads

We create engaging and interactive content for your target audiences and linkedin works best for B2B.

Let's Talk!

Ashwin Kumar


Book A Free Strategy Call

This is a free, and non-binding strategy call with Ashwin. In this call, we will elaborate on social media marketing strategies we could tailor and implement for your particular business, in order to heavily boost the growth of your business and online sales.

Simply locate a time slot that would suit your calendar, and lock it in. We’re looking forward to talking to you.

Are you worried about the huge cost upfront?

In Global Ad Maven Studio, We have a performance-based pricing structure where you pay us only after achieving the desired results! It's a WIN-WIN

Step 1

Book A Free Consultation (or) Strategy call with us!

Step 2

Onboarding your business with GAMS

Step 3

Increase your business revenue atleast by 2x

What do our clients say?

I would like to say that Ashwin is one of the best internet marketers you can go for. On many occasions, he has helped me with my company's marketing strategy and I am so happy with how effective it has been. I'd recommend him to anyone looking for a professional and knowledgeable digital marketing agency, that doesn't charge an arm & a leg.

- Joseph

Business Owner

Ashwin is great! He helped me with my google ad campaign and he did a good job at it. We had a lot of success with his marketing services. I hired him for another project and he delivered in less time than promised and for the price that was agreed on. I cannot recommend him enough to anyone who needs any help with digital marketing services!

- Santhiya

Business Owner

Email: globaladmaven@gmail.com

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